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Farewell Tucker

Earlier this week, I found out some bad news.

I mentioned before my affinity for Tucker Carlson's show. I discovered it after accidentally seeing an old friend, the lovely A.B. Stoddard, as a regular on his show.

Well, now his show has been canceled. Worse yet, his slot is being filled by David Gregory.

During all the hours I've spent watching his show, I was treated to one of his best moments during a discussion about Eliot Spitzer's hypocritical, disgraceful "predicament". You gotta see this:

Video courtesy of MSNBC

In case you missed the good part, here it is again:

Video courtesy of MSNBC

LMAO! Tucker always tells it like it is.

Does Tucker know something we don't? Maybe some of the folks over at the NYT have been moonlighting for Spitzer's call girl ring, and he's not just their pimp but also a client.

For the humorless "progressives" that might be reading this, the above statement was sarcasm.

Fare thee well Tucker. I wish you luck, and I believe you'll find a place better suited for your talents than MSNBC.

PS: Tucker's last show will be tomorrow. Tune in or Tivo; I expect it to be a good one!


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Comments (6)

LOL. . I liked Tucker. Hee hee hee.. butt boys. LOL.

Gregory v. Carlson, whats the diff?

Nothing says I'm going out with a bang like "butt boys."

Tucker Carlson at least wasn't quite as much of a pinhead like David Gregory is. David Gregory was always a total Clinton Suckup, anything that the Clintoons did was fine with him.

The "butt boys at the NY Times"? Hey, "not that there's anything wrong with that!" :-D

Lap dogs and Butt Boys at the NYT.

Sounds like an audition for Fox News. Too funny.