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Recently, I've been watching Tucker Carlson on MSNBC because a childhood friend, AB Stoddard, is a regular guest on his show.

I set my DVR to catch an extra 2-3 minutes before and after shows I record. So, sometimes I get to see tidbits such as this:

Video courtesy of MSNBC

What am I supposed to believe?

Maybe one of you will be able to answer the title question.


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Apparently he believes that all Republicans are racist white rednecks - uneducated, uncaring, non-cultured ignoramous's

LOL.. By his use of "they" he has shown what side he's on.

I'd say he was calling us racist too. I agree with, Jenn, he definitely showed us what side he was on. Suprise, Suprise! Well, not really.

Umm....I'm NEVER disappointed with your blogs Henry! Is it really possible that "they" get paid to prattle on with such garbage? By showing "what side he is on", he also showed everyone his backside!

Keep it going Henry!

Hes about 75% RIGHT. Have to seen some of the stuff you guys write??

Wow VanASSa, for someone who thinks I'm a "douche bag", you sure don't mind coming here.

If by saying "you guys" you mean to include me, you're going to have to provide some evidence to back up your assertions. You see, your humiligenic cries of "racist" bear no impact when they are completely unfounded, and themselves are a form of bigotry as worthy of condemnation as is racism proper.

People like you and Chris Matthews actually hinder the uncovering of true acts of racism and aiding it's victims by making your unfounded accusations of racism. Think of the story of "Peter and The Wolf".

As for you, your prejudice and bigotry is easily documented. I seem to recall something about glass houses and stones....

Every single AMERICAN should familiarize themselves with the difference between:

My dog has decided he wants to be referred to as an African-American Labrador Retriever. Every time people ask what kind of dog he is, I cringe wondering if people are going to call me a racist for calling him a "BLACK LAB"...