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Hillary and The NWO

Moonbat TV strikes again!!

During the latest Democrat Party debate at Dartmouth College, former Senator Mike Gravel (who is this guy?) chastised Shrillary for her vote on SA 3017 to the Defense Authorization Bill (HR 1585):

Video courtesy of MSNBC

Get a load of that Hillary cackle!

OK, now for the moonbat version:

WARNING: Please, no food or drink while watching!!

Video courtesy of Free Speech TV

The scary part is people actually believe this kind of foilhatter nonsense!


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Comments (4)

No wonder I don't vote.

They are so blinded by their idiocy that they don't even recognize when they are acting like idiots.

Mike Gravel, I have heard of that quack before I think it was on MSNBC Chris Mathews, that dude is a real idiot.

Damn, I would like to have heard her response.