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Moonbat TV

Have you seen Free Speech TV?

Probably not.

It's an obscure satellite broadcast carried on Dish Network and some public access channels. They carry such television greats as: Democracy Now!, Liberty News TV, INN World Report, Gay USA....

You get the idea.

Well, last week the wife and I were watching a few minutes of FSTV for some laughs (as we'll sometimes do while waiting between shows we actually want to watch). We were not disappointed.

Before watching the video, please take the time to read the article that is referenced by the "reporter" in the clip. I promise you it will only take a minute or two.

WARNING: Please, no food or drink while watching!!

Video courtesy of Free Speech TV

In reference to the opening question: Believe me, you're not missing much.


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Comments (8)

Whew, good thing I put down my soda - I would have choked to death. Typical slash-speak (slashing what was really said and meant).

Hi Henry,

Wow I knew the Leftists Commies were wanting to convert our Republic into Marxism. "Forced Relocation" I suppose then they will shoot the Ministers afterwards too.

Yea that is scary, putting to much control by the Government is a very scary thing and if the Libs were in the White House at the time wow watch out.

I as going to ask you to leave me alone. I already deleted jenns blog and really don't care to talk to you nutt cases.

Now that I see phil rites here I feel bad for you.

Anyay you people give me a headache and I have more important things going on that bickering ith you guys. So just no more messages please. I really don't want to monitor my comments.

What's with the moonbats and the inability to keep comments somewhat on topic?

Vanessa, you could at least have the courtesy to address the topic at hand. Please, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Moonbat TV.

Sure, I have no problem not visiting your site. But, if you can't hack criticism of your distorted thinking, you should probably turn the comments off altogether.

I acually did wach it and besides her wiggling around it wasn't that funny.

Are you sure you read the KSLA article before you watched the video, Vanessa?

Damn. I like where the video freezes, good look for her.