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Fortschrittlich Weltanschauung

Let's see what John Edwards has in store for us:

Video courtesy of MSNBC

It's hard to believe, but some people will actually vote for this guy.

Sieg Heil, mein seidig führer!!

Hat tip: Jonathan


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Well, I can gurarantee it won't be me voting for him. He is a total schmuck!

Now if it was mandated WELFARE checkups, I'd be all for it. Hey, wait. That is my platform for election. Manditory drug-screening for ALL social programs...

All in favor of ntional healthcare, "SEIG HEIL!" Take my guns away while you're at it.

Well I see that the Ambulance Chaser keeps getting more and more ratical all the time.

Excellant post Henry.

He scary moonbat.

Du wirst es erleben, nicht wahr?