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Inherent Racism

Did you see Chris Cuomo's interview with Barack Obama on Good Morning America this past December? Here is a short clip:

Video courtesy of Good Morning America

After the February primaries, I read an article in the local paper about the primary results. According to state and national exit polls, the Obama voter is more likely than the Clinton voter to be white, affluent and well-educated.

Huh? What about America's inherent racism?

Oh wait, this must be what he's referring to:

Video courtesy of The Times-Picayune

or maybe this:

Video courtesy of C-SPAN

Maybe Chris Cuomo is right. However, do you think he would believe blacks are more racist than whites?


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Comments (4)

As a Saltine American, I am appalled at the rascist tone of this post. It;s a good damned thing the vidoes were in African American, wait I mean color.

This whole notion of using race as a weapon is ridiculous. Even my dog wants to be called an African American Lab...

In order to end rascism in this country, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to go away. Or dress up as a white woman and a jew and let O.J. take a stab at solving the problem.

I don't think that Chris Cuomo would believe that blacks are more racist, it's the whole Liberal thing that thinks that would be impossible.

The reason more affluent whites will vote for Osama? White guilt.

Anyone that doesn't believe blacks are more racist than whites has spent little or no time interaccting with both races. It is so blatantly obvious there is no further reason to comment, or argue the point.