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Speak Democrat

I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but for the folks who haven't:

Video courtesy of C-SPAN

I believe someone in the Republican party has a pair!

Hat tip: Jenn


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Jenn has the coolest vids!

Here is a typical Obama speech, "It's time for change. America has been in need of change. I will bring change. It's time to change."
Translation: Carter's policies will come back. The next administration will have to fix all the programs that my "change" has ruined.

The only "change" I see is in that new Taco Bell commercial. Obama will change Arerica alright. You have a dollar and he'll squeeze all the change out of it he can for his socialist, sorry socialized medicine. Buck Ofama!

The video is SO appropos.

Squid Vicious could further have the translation distilled down to: Change = Back to the 70s.


Thad's the man... too bad nobody else is.

Very good, but he has only scratched the surface. He should write a book!

By the way, I'm back with a brand new political blogpost.

I see you giving whoopi's home address out on the fascist nazi hate site, screw liberals. you like attacking and going after old women? do only you fascist nazi's, getting people murdered and sacraficing our brothers and sisters to cover-up for your king, get free speech? I'll give you my home address tough guy. you want to reach out and touch someone, be a man about it.

Army infantry 11b for obama.

yes we can.


Whatever, psycho.

Henry, sorry Roofie has infected your blog. He is a severely sick, bizarre and fucked up individual.

I'd love his home address if only to have a place to send the cease and desist order.

No worries, Jenn. I have the prophylaxis in place now.