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Breck Girl

It's pretty obvious that John Edwards sees things quite differently than average Americans. Although he touts his "Champion of the Little Guy" rhetoric all over the place, he really has no clue:

May, 2007

Video courtesy of NBC

I think that he forgot about his pandering of the past:

October, 2001

Video courtesy of Fox News

After seeing these conflicting statements, we really shouldn't believe anything the Silky Pony says.


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I have to admit, this is guy Edwards is on of the single biggest frauds on the planet. More a single fat piece of shat for his try as he might I am one of you guys. He's not one of me... He's worse then a whore having a orgasm, FAKE!

I have no idea who to vote for. I voted Bush twice and regret it now. I am anti abortion which screws me up for voting Democratic...I know I don't want Billary...I give up.

The new symbol of the DEMO(N)cratic party should be "The Waffle".

You mean there are people that actually buy the poop he's selling? Not me my friend.

O.K....I'm sorry, am I missing something? Does this jerk think that the american people lack grey matter? OR...I Know!!!! HE is the one apparently lacking grey matter, or at the very least a decent memory so that he doesn't forget which lies he has spewed from one day to the next!

Keep it up Henry!

ah yes him and Clinton and Gore..need I say more!

Hi Henry,

Phil here yea I heard about that business with his slim shady dealings, what a shyster.

Say do you remember when you posted this link?

Hi Henry,

Have you ever been to Ala's Blog Site Blonde Sagacity?