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Did any body see this little tidbit from the Democrat Convention?

Video courtesy of PoliticsTV

By itself, it's no biggie. However, combined with various previous errors about his location in the 57 states, it's not looking too good.

Someone get that man a GPS!

I believe The Obamessiah has some problems with geography.

Hat tip: Bob


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Comments (4)

The sad thing is, there are people who will vote for this unexperienced, ultra-maroon...

Saint Louis, Kansas City. That was annexed as the 56th state in 2008. God, Henry. You need to bone up on your geography. Either that or he is taking lessons from Chuck Norris. Chuck can be in two places at once.

It's quite simply because Libtards are mentally challenged from the start. Ain't none of them could have passed kindergarten with out affirmative action. LOL

What a tool.

Geography, economics, foreign policy, medical knowledge (get that kid a breathalyzer!).

What doesn't Barry O'Toole Obama have a problem with?