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In the wake of the Virginia Tech murder spree, we see Keith Überdouche quickly move to blame President Bush for the tragedy:

Video courtesy of MSNBC

Uh oh, Olby neglected to do his homework before opening his mouth:

Video courtesy of Fox News

I don't believe we'll be getting a correction from this loud mouth anytime soon.

Hat tip: Olbermann Watch


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Who needs accurate facts when you have a picture of an "evil" gun. Don't you know that guns kill people. Duh. Anyway, it has to be President Bush's fault, let's throw Cheney in there to - they both hunt and love guns so they have to be at fault somehow. P.S. What Second Amendment?

I agree with Anastasia! I wonder if I can sue Olby for the cost of the plastic surgery required to remove the unnatural look of astonishment that is now frozen on my face after watching that clip!?

You get it don't you Henry?
Keep it coming!!!